Great Lakes Region Meetings

Communication between breeders and exhibitors within the Great Lakes Region is very important. Regional meetings are called, as required, by the Regional Director. Regional newsletters are published on a quarterly basis. Minutes of meetings and newsletters are avalable online as follows. Legislative alerts are also included.

  • August 20, 2017 - Regional Meeting.
  • A Great Lakes Regional meeting was held on Sunday, August 20, 2017 at the Sacred Heart of Burma Cat Fanciers show. Director Colilla thanked the club for allowing him to hold a regional meeting at the show.
    John told the group that there may be an issue with the show hotel for the 2018 Regional show and banquet. This year, someone poured a large amount of litter into the bathtub and left it for housekeeping. Director Colilla said when he finds out who did this, he will file a protest against that person.
    It was announced that the 2022 CFA Annual will be held in Louisville, KY. Norman and Martha Auspitz are heading the fundraising committee for this Annual. John asked Norman to speak about the committee.
    Norman advised the fundraising committee consists of he and Martha, Betsy Arnold, Kitty Barie, Nancy Grandison, John Hiemstra, Beth Hetzel, Wilma VanScoyk, and Nannette Schindler.
    The fundraising committee has a minimum goal of $20,000 for the 2022 Annual. This will cover the cost of hospitality, delegate bags, and other items. Fundraising efforts will occur over the next 5 years.
    The first fundraiser the committee has approved is a gift card raffle. The committee will be giving away a gift card basket at the 2018 Atlanta CFA Annual. It will contain $500.00 in gift cards, and $500 in cash. The committee will be contacting Great Lakes Regional clubs and asking them to donate a gift card or cash for the raffle. There was some discussion in the regional meeting as to whether clubs should just donate money since some cards have an expiration date. The decision was made to take this to the committee and let them decide what to do, and the club secretaries will be notified. Tickets will be sold starting at the 2017 International show. The Southern Regional Director told Martha she would be happy to provide the Great Lakes Region a spot at the 2018 Annual to sell tickets prior to the drawing. John Hiemstra will be in charge of receiving gift cards and cash from the clubs. The committee is able to accept monetary donations through PAYPAL. The email address to use is Make sure to note it is for the 2022 Annual fundraising committee. John told the attendees that there is already $450 in the 2022 Annual fund courtesy of the Great Lakes members who played Family Feud at the Chicago Annual.
    Another fundraiser in the works is a Cats of CFA calendar. More details on this will be posted in the coming months. The cat that will adorn the front cover will be chosen by bid.
    Any club that would like to offer a special raffle item at their show with profits going to the Annual fund or hold a 50/50 drawing with proceeds going to the committee is both welcomed and appreciated!
    The meeting was them turned over to Lydia, the marketing chair person for Region 4. She spoke about her position in helping find sponsors for shows and marketing to get more people through the gate at shows. More info on this is forthcoming.
    Meeting adjourned.
    Submitted by: Nannette Schindler, Great Lakes Region Sec.
  • July 9, 2017 - Regional Meeting.
  • Thanks to Triple Crown Fanciers for allowing me to have a meeting at their show.
    Our Family Feud team consisted of Martha Auspitz, Bethany Colilla, Diane Curfiss, Wilma Van Scoyk and they won the contest. Jim Flanik did a tremendous job as our team mascot. He encouraged the crowd to cheer which helped the team also win Most Popular. They won a total of $425 for the region.
    We would like to thank Hope Gonano for donating her door prize back to the region at the banquet.
    Norman and Martha Auspitz were asked to chair the fundraising for our 2022 annual at Louisville, Kentucky. Their committee will be inclusive so contact Martha or Norman if you're interested in helping out.
    Triple Crown Cat Fanciers purchased tickets for the region's 50/50 raffle and won. The club donated their share of the winnings back to the region. So far this season we've raised over $1,100 already and hope to keep adding to that number the rest of the season.
    Meeting adjourned.
    Submitted by: Nannette Schindler, Great Lakes Region Sec.
  • April 2, 2017 - Regional Meeting.
  • Director Colilla welcomed all to the meeting.
    Tim Schreck advised that they are trying to get a bus trip together to go to the Annual from Ann Arbor. There is a secure parking spot to leave vehicles in at Ann Arbor. If they can get enough people interested they should be able to get a good rate. If interest ed please contact Tim or Barb.
    John thanked those that submitted money and pics for the banners. There was about $1000.00 collected for this. The 50/50 fund raiser did well in Cleveland but he is disappointed in the ham fund raiser. There is a goal of $500.00 and about $90.00 has been collected thus far. John advised people to order early as it normally takes 1-2 weeks to get the order.
    The Region is selling ad space in the show catalog. Price for a 1/2 page ad is $15.00 and $20.00 for a full page ad.
    We are also selling ad space in the Regional banquet book. The cost for this is $35.00 for a 1/2 page ad and $50.00 for a full page ad. Please send your ad to Val Smith. The deadline is May 31.
    The person handling the award sponsorship this year is Patti DiBiassi.
    Anyone in the Region who has an idea to make the Region greater please make John aware of your idea. You should also be prepared to implement your idea if it is accepted.
    Joel Chaney advised that the last weekend of this month when Great Lakes Great Maines, and the Regional fundraiser show will be held that LeBron James is also holding a basketball tournament in Akron.He suggested hotels in Medina which are Red Roof, Motel 6, Super 8 or Quality Inn.
    The show hotel for the Regional show is the Comfort Inn in Wadsworth, OH. Hotels are getting full so please make your reservations quickly. Joel suggests you try Akron or Medina hotels.
    Just Cat In Around Cat show is April 8th. We ask that you support this show.
    Carmen Lawrence wants photos if you know you have a National,Regional, or breed winning cat. If you would like to use different photos for the book and overhead projector, etc then please send multiple pics.
    The deadline for voting for Judges for the International show is Monday, April 3.
    Meeting adjourned.
    Submitted by: Nannette Schindler, Great Lakes Region Sec.
  • January 21, 2017 - Regional Meeting.
  • John was happy to report that our Region has the most entries and registration from May-Nov 2013-2014, 2014-2015and 2015-2016.
    The logo for the Great Lakes region has become very fuzzy and the original is not to be found. Kathy Treleani has made a beautiful new (redraw) logo for the Regional clubs to use. It is the same logo.
    A bit of bad news. The Honey Bake Hams fund raiser did not work out as well as he had hoped. We know what is the cause of problem and it will corrected for next year. We plan to make another push for Super Bowl Sunday and Easter. The link is
    Now more good news... CFA is donating two 2x6 feet banners to us. These banners will be displayed at shows in our region. The regional awards will be the first time they will be displayed. There will be three picture spots per banner to display cats for a total of six spots. These spots will be on sale and the price is $150 per spot. The money will be used to help sponsor the awards show. The first six different breeds will be on the banner. When we begin accepting for these spots, there will be a pre-notification posting on the Great Lakes FaceBook page and via email.
    The Regional awards show will be held at the same location (Akron) as last year. There is a Holiday Inn and a Comfort Inn and the new Banquet center is right in the middle of them. The flyer is not ready yet and will be posted ASAP.
    The regional fundraiser show will be held in conjunction with the Great Lakes Great Maines show, April 29 and 30th, 2017. Great Lakes Great Maines show will be held on Saturday and the Regional fundraiser show will be Sunday. The Rosette for the Regional fundraiser will be made of paper or cardboard as a cost saver.
    Respectfully submitted Nannette Schindler, Great Lakes Regional Sec.
  • July 23, 2016 - Regional Meeting.
  • John Colilla started the meeting by thanking Motor City Jazz Club for letting him hold a meeting there.
    Joel Chaney is the winner for getting the most new exhibitors and return exhibitors in 2015-2016 season. He received $50 cash from John Colilla.
    The 2017 Regional Award Show will return to Akron. The banquet will be at a different location because the cost of having it the same location as the show is too much. The banquet hall name is The Galaxy and is between the Comfort Inn and Holiday Inn.
    He would like to hear from the GLR family members with new ideas for bringing new people into the family. He is willing to try anything. Please let him know what you can do for our region and not what the region can do for you, to paraphrase President John Kennedy.
    Submitted by: Nannette Schindler, GLR Sec.
  • May 7, 2016 - Regional Meeting.
  • John opened the meeting held May 7th by thanking Anthony Wayne Cat Club for allowing him to hold a Regional meeting.
    Please be sure to get copies of show fliers to John to get them on the Great Lakes web site. Please send them in a PDF file so they can be posted.
    John advised the web site is out of date. 2 people are working on the sight which needs re-designed and we would like to have 3 people. If anyone knows someone who wants to Volunteer as a web master, please let John know.
    Joel Chaney won the contest for bringing in new exhibitors last show season. Joel has the banquet flyers if anyone needs them.
    George Henderson and Nan Schindler are in charge of the raffle for the Regional show. (We need donations of good, quality items, gift cards, free entries for shows, grooming spots, cash, liquor, etc. for the raffle. Please contact Nan at and let her know what you can donate to the raffle!) We always have a great raffle so please don't let this year be any different.
    Submitted by: Nannette Schindler, GLR Sec.
  • March 6, 2016 - Regional Meeting.
  • Meeting started at 12:14pm on Sunday, 3/6/16. John opened the meeting by thanking Genesee Cat Fanciers for allowing him to hold a Regional Meeting during the show.
    Update on fundraiser show held February 14, 2016 in Monroeville, PA. We do not have a current financial status. There are monies yet to be collected, however all bills have been paid and it appears the region made money.
    Great Lakes Regional Show - Show flyer was placed in the Genesee Cat Fanciers show catalog. A banquet flyer should be out by mid-month (mid-March). There is no official show hotel as none of the downtown properties accept pets. Best option is the Red Roof Akron South. Reservations should be made ASAP, as there are other events occurring in Akron that weekend.
    World Show update - it will not be held in Oaks, PA in November 2016. They are looking at other locations, but no further information was available at this time.
    West Virginia show - Western Pennsylvania with Almost Heaven Cat Club will hold a show on Saturday, May 21st in Charleston, WV. Please try to support this show as we need more Great Lakes Region awareness in West Virginia.
    John has received noticed that the Great Lakes Region has lost one club (Devon Rex Club) to Region 7. However, we gained three clubs.
    Fyfe & Drum from Region 1; The Cats Meow from Region 7; and Mary Hantzmon Abyssinian Club from Region 7
    When there are minor issues or disputes, before filing a protest, CFA has an Ombudsman (Ombudsperson). Sharon Roy should be contacted for minor issues and disputes.
    Introductions of new Great Lakes Region members... Jialin Liao from West Virginia; Brianna Ciesla from Buffalo, NY; Alia Gervasi from Rochester (area), NY; Gregg & Terri Fenner
    Meeting was "adjourned" at 12:19pm
    Respectfully submitted, Carmen Johnson-Lawrence
  • December 5, 2015 - Regional Meeting.
  • On December 5, 2015 John held a brief Regional meeting at the Ohio State Persian Cat Club show. He started by thanking the Ohio State Persian and Great Lakes Maines clubs for allowing him to hold a meeting.
    John announced that the Great Lakes Region DID NOT lose any money on the Annual!!
    He also stated that he does not have any financials from the World Show yet.
    Anne Mathis wanted to thank the Great Lakes Region for electing her to Judge at the World show.
    The GLR fundraiser show is going to be held the 2nd weekend in February in conjunction with Steel City Kitties. They are actively looking for donations for the raffle! Co-Show managers for the show are Barry Dodd and Joel Chaney.
    The Great Lakes Regional show will be held at the Akron King Center in Akron, Ohio the 4th weekend in June. John said he is not certain where it will be held in subsequent years.
    Clubs are encouraged to request sponsorship monies from CFA for their shows!
    Teresa Signore is looking for volunteers to help with the DINK ( Double Income with No Kids) program. Contact Teresa for more info or to volunteer to help.
    A reminder that John is holding a contest where the exhibitor who brings in the most new exhibitors to CFA will win a $50.00 prize. If you have brought a new exhibitor into the CFA family, make sure Sandi Douglas is aware of it!
    All club Secretaries are encouraged to send information on your upcoming shows to John so that he can include the info in the CFA monthly newsletter and perhaps garner your show a few more entries.. You must submit the info to John at least 1 month prior to your show!
    Meeting adjourned.
    Submitted by:
    Nannette Schindler, G.L.R. Sec
  • May 9, 2015 - Regional Meeting.
  • John opened the meeting by thanking the Anthony Wayne Cat Club for allowing him to hold the meeting during their show. He then turned it over to Valerie Smith to talk about photos needed for the Regional. She informed all to send their photos of top 25 Kittens, champions, and Premiers, DM'S, Breed winners, Agility winners, and OTR pics for our Region to glr4photos @... . (glr4photos at gmail dot com using the @ symbol and a period before com). She also begged people to consider moving the date of the Regional for the benefit of all involved. Many facilities are booked with weddings, graduations, printings, etc.
    Please send your photos for the ANNUAL ON THE ROAD AGAIN to Art Graafmans at (remove the word AT after art in the email address and use the symbol @) Please mark your photos with GLR 4 OTR Photo.
    John proposed moving the date of the Regional show to a later date. He told the group that for the next 4 years the CFA Annual will be held the first weekend in July. The Sternwheel Club is willing to give up their traditional weekend to have the Regional the last weekend In June. There were mixed feelings about the proposition and a poll will probably be taken to see if moving the date of the GLR Regional Show is a viable option. Central Office has been slow in getting information out.
    Sandi Douglas spoke about the GLR Challenge. The challenge is for current exhibitors to bring in new exhibitors or bring back exhibitors that haven't shown in years. Before the first show in which the new exhibitor is entered, the sponsoring exhibitor must send a copy of the new exhibitors entry to Sandi adding your name as the sponsor of that entrant. This will run to the end of this show season. The exhibitor who brings in the most new people will win a prize.
    Teresa Sweeney spoke about OPERATION DINK----DUAL INCOME NO KIDS... CFA is missing a very important segment of the population, those homes with a dual income and no kids. Teresa is looking for Volunteers to work with her speaking to various groups about our hobby to see if we can garner any interest in bringing new exhibitors to CFA. If you would like to Volunteer to speak to groups or help in any way, please contact Teresa directly. This program will start after the Annual.
    Bob Ruigh is the web master for the GLR Page. He hopes to get it current soon and keep it up to date.
    John wished all Mothers a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!
    Repectfully submitted
    Nannette Schindler, GLR Sec.
  • March 21, 2015 - Regional Meeting.
  • John Colilla started the meeting by thanking Western Pennsylvania Cat Fanciers for letting us have a meeting at their show.
    The 2015 Toronto Annual will remain in Toronto at The Westin Harbour Castle instead of the Sheraton Toronto Hotel.
    Almost Heaven will not be putting on a show in May. Anne McCulloch will be moving to Missouri this summer. I have asked Bob Ruigh to take over what Anne is doing at our region's IT team, plus other assignments.
    Rosina McGlynn resigned as Annual chair as of February 28th, 2015.
    John also challenged the exhibitors in GLR to come up with ideas to make our shows more fun and bring in new exhibitors.
    There will be an award of a $50 gift card of their choice to the person who brings in the most exhibitors in the show season 2015-2016. Anyone can put in additional gift card money to make the challenge more enticing.
    The Regional award show is progressing well. The show and banquet chair are working hard with their teams and have everything under control. I am expecting it to be a great event.
    The next two meetings will be at Mid-Ohio in April and Anthony Wayne in May.
    ------ Additional information ----
    New Tonkinese exhibitor (Carol Velcio). Please introduce yourself to her and make her feel she is part of GLR family.
    Now that the dust is settled for the annual, I asked Rosina McGlynn to continue on as the Annual chair. She accepted. I would like all of us to work together to put on a great annual, Great Lakes Region style.
    If you know you are going to make a Regional win, PLEASE send photos to Michael Doernberg ASAP so he is not inundated with pictures at the last minute. Also send your pictures for the regional OTR to Mike. Mike's email is Mike@ZoneCleveland. (please use jpg. format) Please send your photos for the annual ON THE ROAD AGAIN to Art Graafmans at (remove the word AT after art in the email address and use the symbol @) Please mark your photos with GLR 4 OTR Photo.
    Submitted by:
    Nannette Schindler, GLR Sec.
  • February 21, 2015 - Regional Meeting.
  • John opened the short meeting by thanking the Kittyhawk Felines, Inc. Club for allowing him to hold the meeting at their show.
    He announced and welcomed 2 new exhibitors to our region, Donna and Bob Metcalf, and Wendy and Paul Goldman.
    Kathy Calhoun and John have been discussing the idea of having a 4 x 6 show as a money maker. Those in attendance at the meeting were in favor of this idea. John would like to hear what others think of this idea.
    He said he would like to get more people with household pets to show CFA and encouraged exhibitors to invite those with pets to come join us. They will be scored next show season.
    Talks have been underway with our Canadian Regional members about promoting more shows in Canada. The fear is that we Americans would not support additional Canadian shows. Nancy Grandison would like to know the thoughts of Great Lakes Region exhibitors as to whether or not they would support more shows in Canada.
    Exhibitors are encouraged to invite anyone participating in another Feline Organization to come and join C.F.A.
    ON THE ROAD AGAIN FOR THE ANNUAL is being handled by a new person this year. Art Graafmans will be accepting photos for ON THE ROAD AGAIN FOR THE ANNUAL and asks that you forward any photos for OTRA to him at: art@... .PLEASE label as Region 4 OTR photos! Michael Doernberg is accepting photos for our Regional ON THE ROAD AGAIN!
    Meeting was adjoured.
    Respectfully submitted by:
    Nannette Schindler, GLR Sec.
  • January 18, 2015 - Regional Meeting.
  • John opened the meeting by thanking Cleveland Persian Society for allowing him to hold a Regional meeting at their show.
    John would like to hear feedback from Great Lakes Exhibitors regarding the Great Lakes Region Facebook and Pinterest pages. He would like to know who is using them, are you finding them helpful, any suggestions, etc.
    A reminder that if an exhibitor is having registration issues please contact John and he will try to assist with getting the problem solved. Marianne Toth advised that some people are having trouble with the YAHOO group page email. They are working to resolve that issue.
    Michael Doernberg spoke regarding the GREAT LAKES Regional Banquet. He is in charge of the On The Road Again Presentation this year as well as collecting photos of cats that win an award. He is asking all exhibitors with photos for the OTRA presentation to submit photos to him no later than June 5, 2015. Those exhibitors with a feline that will be winning an award this year are asked to submit photos to Michael. He will be sending out an email to those with felines receiving awards toward the end of April or the early part of May reminding them to submit a photo.
    Lorna will once again be handling the ring sponsorship and John and Megan Hiemstra will be handling the regional awards sponsorship. If you would like to be a sponsor please contact them.
    The menu and cost for the banquet are forthcoming.
    Joel Chaney presented the finance report. A check in the amount of $20,000 was given as seed money for the Annual. The Region should get some or possibly all of this money back. Joel reported the Region has $25,200 in operating capital of which $17,000 is in savings.
    Rosina McGlynn asked that anyone with a specific question regarding the Annual contact her.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Nannette J. Schindler, Sec.
  • October 25, 2014 - Regional Meeting.
  • John opened by thanking the Great Lakes Great Maines Club for allowing him to hold a regional meeting at their show.
    He wanted everyone to know that he and Rosina McGlynn are selling the pins for the Annual. The pins are $100.00.
    John thanked Carmen Lawrence for doing a GREAT JOB with the GL Region's Facebook page. If anyone wants to post comments, show flyers, etc. on the Region's Facebook page, send them to Carmen and she will get them posted.
    The Great Lakes Regional Show will be held June 13-14, 2015 and will be held at the Roberts Center in Wilmington, OH. More info will follow in the coming months...
    People are encouraged to use ECATS to register their litters and cats. If you have pending issues with registrations, etc. please send John an email and explain what the issue is you are having. He will make an attempt to get the issue settled with you.
    The Region wants to CONGRATULATE Jim Flanik on being elected to the National Official Hall of Fame!!! WAY TO GO JIM!!!!
    Nancy Makita is doing a 50/50 raffle at shows for the annual.
    A Region 4 member brought up the fact that CFA needs to identify issues with registrations and try to get rid of the backlog. They feel the registration process is falling apart and that there should be a shorter turn around for registrations. John is trying to keep on top of the registration issues.

    The following individuals are the Chairpersons for Committees related to the 2015 CFA Annual. If anyone wants to volunteer to help with the annual, PLEASE contact the chairperson of the committee you are interested in volunteering for!!
    Delegate Bags- Martha Auspitz
    Hospitality- Anne Mathis
    Vendors- Norman Auspitz and Kevin Mathis
    Decorations- Eve Russell
    Benching- Rachel Anger
    Award Rosettes- Wilma VanScoyk

    Submitted by Nannette Schindler
    Great Lakes Region Secretary

  • July 5, 2014 - Regional Meeting.
  • Great Lakes Region newly elected Regional Director, John Colilla held his first Regional meeting following the Sternwheel Cat Show in Columbus, Ohio on July 5th.
    John started the meeting by stating he wants the Region to be run like a business and become more customer oriented, that includes to both spectators and exhibitors. He stated we are losing exhibitors right and left in the Fancy and it has to stop. He said there will be more Regional meetings held.
    He wanted to dispel any rumors regarding the Treasurer's position for the Great Lakes Region. At the Annual, John did ask Rich Mastin if he could be the Treasurer. Rich declined due to other obligations within the Fancy. Then he asked Barb Shreck if she could be the Treasurer and she had to decline due to her holding a position with CFA. John stated at no time did he ask anyone other than these two people to be the Regional Treasurer. John spoke again with Rich Mastin and he agreed to remain as Treasurer of GLR until a suitable replacement could be found. Rich said there was a person willing to step up and take over, but John said no they weren't "qualified".
    John thanked Loretta Baugh for her 10 years of Service as the Great Lakes Regional Director. He additionally announced the following appointments:
    Secretary: Nannette Schindler
    Show Scheduler: Ginger Gunlock He also said he has spoken with different people within the Region regarding assisting him with problems, because he cannot possibly be in every area when a problem arises. These people will act as the First Point of Contact for an issue/problem in their area. The following persons have been appointed to assist with problems located within their area:
    Michigan: Tim Schreck
    Ohio: Gene Darrah
    Kentucky: Norm/Martha Auspitz
    Pennsylvania: Linda Bartley
    New York: Betsy Arnold
    West Virginia: Anne McCulloch
    Canada: Kathleen Doyle
    Social Media will become a large part of the GLR. Lorna Friemoth has accepted the responsibility of promoting shows in Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky. Carmen Lawrence will cover the remaining areas of the region.
    A current Treasurer's report is not available for the region. As soon as the report is received, the account will be audited by Jim Barkley and one other person before it's turned over to the new treasurer.
    There is a search underway for the Regional show hotel/hall. John stated that it is his hope to have them located back to one location instead of two. A Show Manager and a Banquet Manager will be needed.
    John then handed the meeting over to Rosina McGlynn to speak on the 2015 CFA Annual to be held in Toronto. Rosina opened by stating the annual site was chosen by clubs in Region 4, not by any one individual. She asked that the negativity be stopped and that we as a Region get on board to help promote this Annual. Region 4 has to have a positive attitude. We need to let other Regions know that this is one Annual they will not want to miss! CFA has guidelines for the Annuals and Region 4 is within the timeline. There were a few positive changes made to the guidelines by Jodell Raymond.
    The cost of a passport was discussed as this seemed to be a major point of contention with some individuals. For $55.00 a passport card to drive across the border can be obtained and is good for 10 years. The Transportation system in Canada has amped up their system by opening more booths, etc. to process more tourists through their borders.
    Rich Mastin did a superb job of putting together the package for the hotel without crippling the Region financially. The room rate for the Sheraton at the 2015 Annual will be $121.00 Canadian which at the current exchange rate is approximately $116.00 United States dollars. There are 900 room nights reserved for the Annual at this FULL SERVICE Hotel. There is Valet service available however there is also an adjacent parking lot which charges $20.00 per day. The Hotel will have a shuttle running every 30 minutes around the clock. Per the contract with the Sheraton, CFA must spend $55,000.00 in food and drink. As a suggestion, part of this $55,000.00 could be achieved by purchasing gift cards from the hotel to be put in Delegate bags.
    On the subject of Delegate bags, Rosina stated they are looking for feedback on the bags and that the Delegate bag items will be changed. She is hoping for items that will benefit the exhibitors while they are in Toronto. She is requesting all Region 4 members try to come up with some gift ideas for the Delegate bag.
    Thus far, people chosen for the 2015 CFA Annual Committees are:
    Hospitality, Food and Drink: Anne Mathis
    Table Signs: Valerie Smith
    Vendors: Norm and Martha Auspitz, Kevin Mathis, Marg Peppler
    Banquet Seating: Rachel Anger
    Registration Booth for Volunteers: Doreen Mathis and Peggy
    Fundraising/Awareness: Lorna Friemoth
    Web Site: Bob Mathis
    ANYONE who wishes to volunteer to assist with the Annual is both welcomed and appreciated. Contact Rosina to find out where you can help. The table centerpieces for the Annual will be donated by Megan Hiemstra and John Hiemstra. Valerie Smith will work with the Hiemstra's for cost effectiveness.
    Rosina stated that most of the costs incurred thus far have been covered by donations from local businesses. The banners cost $1600.00 and a local business gave $1000.00 cash toward them. Giveaways for the Delegate Bags handed out in New Orleans were covered by a donation from a local company. The cost of a full page ad was covered by a donation from a local company. $120.00 in shipping fees was covered by a donation from a local company. This means the total cost incurred thus far is $600.00.
    As part of fund raising efforts for the Annual a Silent Auction will be held. Lorna Friemoth will help get the auction up on the web site. Both the Canadian and United States National Anthems will be sung at the Annual.
    Respectfully Submitted
    Nannette Schindler, Secretary, GLR
  • Minutes Not Available
  • Minutes of Regional meetings between January 2013 and July 2014 are not available
  • Jan 2013 - Regional Meeting.
  • A regional meeting will be held during the Midwest Persian Tabby Fanciers show in Monrow, MI.
  • View Meeting minutes.
  • Jan 21, 2012 - Regional Meeting.
  • A regional meeting will be held during the Cleveland Persian Society show in Parma, OH.
  • View Meeting minutes.
  • Oct 9-10,'10 - Regional Meeting.
  • A regional meeting will be held during the Cleveland Persian Society show in Parma, OH.
  • View Meeting minutes.
  • Mar 20-21,'10 - Regional Meeting.
  • A regional meeting will be held during the Western Pennsylvania Cat Fanciers show in Canonsburg, PA.
  • View Meeting minutes.
  • Oct 11-12,'09 - Regional Meeting.
  • A regional meeting will be held during the Cleveland Persian Society show in Parma, OH. Major topics for discussion are:
  • Reports from the Regional Awards Show in Canton, OH.
  • City for the CFA Annual in 2015.
  • Meeting minutes to be posted.
  • Apr 04,'09 - Regional Meeting.
  • A regional meeting was held in Mansfield, OH.
  • View Meeting minutes.

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